Excel for InterAction System Data Reporting

The reporting tools in InterAction have become increasingly powerful in recent releases, but it can still be a challenge to generate reports on various important areas of system configuration.

If you've ever needed to report on all the activity types configured in your system, or on your contact types or user groups for example, you've probably had to resort to either grabbing screenshots or else requiring IT resource to generate reports directly from the database.

In this paper we present a simple way to extract system information from InterAction into Microsoft® Excel®, from where you can analyse and report on it as required. All you need is access to the InterAction web client, Excel 2007 or 2010, and our instructions which you can download by clicking the thumbnail to the left, or the link below.

Download the instructions

InterAction Search Tools for Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 7 and later include support for custom Search Providers.Search Providers enable searches of specific sources to be carried out immediately through a dedicated search field in the browser window, regardless of the web page that the user is currently viewing. IE8 added support for Search Accelerators, which allow searches of specific sources to be launched directly after selecting any text on a web page.

The InterAction Search Tools for Internet Explorer include both a Search Provider and a Search Accelerator for InterAction that allow a search for a name, phone or email address to be made in InterAction directly from any web page.

For more information about the InterAction Search Tools for IE and the simple implementation process, review the downloadable brochure which includes screenshots of the Search Provider in use.

Microsoft have a page of information about Search Providers and how to create them available here, and information on Search Accelerators here.

Search providers do not require installation of executable code - Fellsoft provide a free utility program that will create the files required to add the InterAction Search Tools for IE to your Internet Explorer browser.

This utility is available on request at no charge - simply sign up for our newsletter, or send your details via email to support@fellsoft.com.

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