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Company Data Integration for InterAction 

20 November 2014 15:03:00

We've produced a white paper to explain 10 ways in which integrating company data from Bureau van Dijk or Dun & Bradstreet into InterAction can transform your business development capabilities.

To download the white paper, click here or on the thumbnail below.

Announcing Bureau van Dijk for InterAction 

28 January 2014 11:37:00

We're proud to announce the immediate availability of Bureau van Dijk for InterAction, our new integration product that delivers company data from Bureau van Dijk datasets such as Orbis and Fame, directly into InterAction.

Transform the capabilities and power of your LexisNexis InterAction CRM system by delivering company information on ownership structures, industry sectors, revenues and more directly to end-users.

Visit the product page to learn more about the capabilities of the product, which is already in use at a number of major UK and international law firms.

Announcing Dun & Bradstreet for InterAction 

04 November 2013 08:00:00

We're proud to announce the immediate availability of Dun & Bradstreet for InterAction, our new integration product that delivers company data from Dun & Bradstreet directly into InterAction.

Transform the capabilities and power of your LexisNexis InterAction CRM system by delivering company information on ownership structures, industry sectors, revenues and more directly to end-users.

Visit the product page to learn more about the capabilities of the product, and be sure to read the case study from one of early adopter customers.

Announcing AlertsPlus 

13 January 2013 15:00:00

We're delighted to announce the release of AlertsPlus - the new name for a major enhancement to our well received Contact Alerts product.

When we started thinking about enhancements for the next major version of Contact Alerts, at the top of the list was to do all we could to ensure that the email content for each user was as focused and useful to the recipient as possible. Ideally each user would be receiving only significant updates about contacts they’re really interested in. However, by default users will receive updates about any and all contacts they’ve either indicated that they know, or that they include in their ‘My Contacts’ list. So ironically, the better they use InterAction, the harder it becomes for them to focus on those contacts that really are the most important to them. We wanted to give users the ability to control precisely which contacts they receive updates about.

Also, activities created through data change tickets can often represent only insignificant data changes (reformatting a phone number or adding a title for example) which don’t provide any value to a professional user, and can actually distract from other more useful content. Although Contact Alerts already had the ability to exclude certain activity types from the email, we wanted to be able to distinguish significant changes from insignificant ones, and automatically exclude those minor data change activities from the email.

The second key goal was to improve the tools for managing the system – for example, to make it much simpler to see what content a particular user is getting, or to change settings for users, or to manage email formats – and to provide those administrative tools through a browser interface to make them much easier to access and simpler to use.

Lastly, the release of InterAction 6.1 brought some terminology changes in InterAction itself, with ‘My Alerts’ replacing the familiar ‘Watch List’ – and as more and more sites are upgrading to InterAction 6.1, that prompted us to rethink the ‘Contact Alerts’ name in order to avoid confusion.

So, with that background, we decided to change the name of the product from ‘Contact Alerts’ to ‘AlertsPlus’. We think the new name sits better with InterAction 6.1, and more clearly reflects how the product complements native InterAction functionality.

We’ve included in AlertsPlus a range of unique and powerful new features that really deliver on the goals outlined above (and of course AlertsPlus also provides all of the functionality included in Contact Alerts).

Find out more about AlertsPlus.

Case Study: Increasing InterAction user adoption with Contact Alerts 

01 January 2013 15:38:00

In this case study from LexisNexis, leading Danish law firm Kromann Reumert describe how they increased user adoption of InterAction within the firm using a combination of partner leadership and our Contact Alerts product (now superseded by AlertsPlus).

Access the case study by clicking here or on the thumbnail below.

Case Study Cover

Case Study: Integrating InterAction content into RPC's award winning KM intranet 

20 May 2012 16:15:00

Leading London-based law firm RPC have created an award winning Knowledge Management intranet named "Edge", which provides a platform for the firm's staff to communicate, collaborate and share key information. 

RPC recently engaged us to help enhance Edge further by automatically delivering live content for RPC's key clients from LexisNexis InterAction into Edge.

Find out more about Edge and how we integrated InterAction content into it by clicking here, or on the thumbnail below.

Contact Alerts v1.2 Released 

11 October 2011 10:27:00

We're pleased to announce the immediate availability of Contact Alerts v1.2.

This update features the addition of a new user interface making it easier than ever to manage the style, sorting and content of Contact Alerts emails. Administrators can easily create new formats or modify one of the built-in formats - for example, to create a format that only contains marketing and business development activities, so helping to ensure that busy professionals receive tightly focused content.

Contact Alerts emails can now also include forthcoming and overdue Reminders (for InterAction 5.6 and above), ensuring that users don't miss important action points.

With a range of other valuable enhancements, Contact Alerts v1.2 is more than useful than ever whilst still being extremely quick and easy to implement.

InterAction Search Tools for Internet Explorer 

03 March 2011 17:41:00

We've updated our free utility that enables integrated search tools for InterAction inside Internet Explorer. As well as a Search Provider, the utility will now allow users to add a Search Accelerator (IE8 required). Using the Search Accelerator, when users see a name or email address on any web page, they can simply select it and immediately run a search in InterAction for that text.

Contact Alerts v1.1 Released 

15 February 2011 17:25:00

We're pleased to announce the immediate availability of Contact Alerts v1.1.

This update adds a new and unique capability to the product - the ability to centrally manage the activity types included on users' Watch Lists. This functionality can help the business development team deliver a more focused Watch List to users by removing less relevant activity types. Or, if new activity types are added, this functionality can ensure activities of the new type are included on Watch Lists. This functionality is not available natively in InterAction.

This update also includes a number of other new features, including the ability to control the sorting order of the activity groups within a Contact Alerts email. This allows the more important activities to be more obviously visible at the top of the email.


Manzama partners with FellSoft 

06 December 2010 08:34:00

November 23rd, 2010 – San Francisco, CA --  Manzama Inc. today announced a partnership with FellSoft, a leading provider of integrated solutions for the LexisNexis® InterAction® CRM platform predominant in law firms today. “As Manzama becomes the leading provider in aggregating and analyzing relevant information in the public domain across various social media sources (blogs, twitter, news, LinkedIn), it only makes sense to have this information exposed in other systems that are of importance to the law firm” said Peter Ozolin, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer. The partnership will also allow integration with other systems including portals, intranets and other CRM systems akin to InterAction's. "Fellsoft provides the right expertise and knowledge around how to integrate important content derived from the Manzama platform within the InterAction environment", Ozolin stated.

Fellsoft founder Simon Ellison-Bunce commented "The ultimate aim of CRM for professional services firms is to strengthen and maximize the benefits of the relationships between the firm and their key contacts. This partnership supports that aim by enabling firms to take the highly relevant news content derived from the Manzama platform and access it in context with the other relationship information the firm already has in InterAction, ensuring that users are best placed to take advantage of that content. It's a natural partnership that enables both organizations to focus on their key strengths while delivering maximum benefit to mutual customers".

Established in 2010, Manzama Inc. is a company founded by lawyers and legal technologists who’ve pioneered the legal industry’s first “listening platform”. The platform classifies and ranks thousands of legal industry and client industry blogs, news sites, and other social media applications to uncover the most relevant and important information in support of a law firm’s or lawyer’s business development and client strategies. The company’s flagship service, The Manzama Platform, utilizes a proprietary application that enables lawyers and law firms to quickly uncover and act on salient information about their clients, competitors, legal topics, and issues of interest.

Founded in 2009, Fellsoft Limited provides specialist in-depth integration products for the client and relationship data vital to helping legal and professional services strengthen and grow their business. As a Solution Partner for LexisNexis® InterAction®, Fellsoft has unrivalled experience providing integration solutions for InterAction.

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