If you’re looking to significantly increase the value of your InterAction system to your fee-earners, take a look at our all-new solution: Engage for InterAction.

Adding our Engage software to your InterAction environment will give you the ability to automatically generate completely customisable email alerts containing specific targeted content from InterAction for your users, and also to provide them with InterAction data and functionality in completely customisable web pages.

Fee-earners can struggle to obtain value and actionable content from the information in your firm’s InterAction system. Engage will help you address this gap and encourage greater fee-earner adoption.

Use Engage to:

  • Generate email alerts for fee-earners on their contacts of interest – including selected My Alerts content, notifications about meetings, updates on specific companies of interest or on sets of contacts in an interest area.
  • Support specific Business Development efforts such as key client programs, through regular automated updates and dashboards allowing easy access to key information.
  • Streamline and standardize admin & marketing processes such as list cleaning.
  • Encourage regular data review and populate missing information through targeted email alerts and easy to use web pages that make updating information simple for end-users.
  • Publish selected information from InterAction on your intranet in an accessible easy to use format – for example a firm-wide searchable BD diary, or event registration data.

Engage is a simple to install and low-maintenance on-premises solution that fits easily into your InterAction environment. All content is completely customisable to fit your requirements and your existing InterAction processes.

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Engage works with all supported versions of InterAction

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