Contact Alerts Announced

We’re delighted to announce Contact Alerts, an innovative new add-on product for LexisNexis® InterAction® that delivers Watch List content and other updates from InterAction directly to fee-earners via a regular automated email process.

A key aim of any CRM implementation at a professional services firm is to provide users with new and valuable information about the contacts they know, in order to help users strengthen and grow those relationships. In InterAction a key source of that information is the user’s My Watch List™ page, which shows each individual user all of their organisation’s activities involving the contacts which are important to that individual. These activities will include those created by others in the organisation such as meetings and business development events, and also those created automatically to record changes such as an updated phone number, a new email address or a change of employment. For professional users the Watch List is a key feature of InterAction – but until now it’s only been accessible via the InterAction web client.

Contact Alerts is our newest product for InterAction, providing professional users with a range of updates from InterAction – including an enhanced version of their Watch List content, and notification of updates to their contacts for review – as a regular scheduled email. Users are automatically provided with this valuable information in a familiar, convenient and readily accessible form.

Contact Alerts is very flexible. A set of standard email formats is provided, but the content and appearance of the emails can be easily customised if required, as can the schedule on which the emails are sent. Professional users or their assistants can manage their settings for themselves via a simple web page, or this can be managed centrally. Users can also get a Contact Alerts email sent to them on demand at any time with just one click. The server based software delivers immediate and visible benefits to end users, with no changes to InterAction required – and it’s very simple to implement.

Fellsoft founder Simon Ellison-Bunce comments: “InterAction’s Watch List is one of the most popular features of InterAction for professional users, but previously they’ve had to remember to go and review it regularly. When seeing InterAction for the first time, lawyers frequently ask if it’s possible to get their Watch List content delivered to them automatically, in the same way as they are used to with other contact networks such as LinkedIn – and with Contact Alerts we’re delighted to be able to make that possible for InterAction. It’s also a perfect complement to our news integration product FeedWatch, and our other client-based Watch List tools. In the future we plan to enhance Contact Alerts further, by for example enabling it to identify and alert users to potentially decaying relationships.”

For more information about Contact Alerts, visit the product page here.

To arrange a demonstration, contact Simon at

Contact Alerts will be released in October 2010.

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